25 kwietnia 2019

Engine 2.0L TDI code-BKD/BKP

Service Update:

Turbocharger failure on the VAG 2.0L TDI with engine code BKD or BKP is a common problem. Clients who experience turbocharger failure should isolate the problem before installing a second replacement turbocharger.

Suspect Problem:
Cylinder Head Crack
Oil Pump/Mechanism

Both of these problems can cause serious damage to the turbocharger internal components. Many clients experience problems with the VW 2.0L TDI „BKD” engine which has known issues with the cylinder head cracking. The crack leaks coolant into the turbocharger causing what is referred to as „hydro-lock” causing the turbine to expand making contact with the housing.

In-proper service & inspection of any turbocharged auto is the key root to secondary replacement failure.

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